Michael Treanor

A creative developer designing tools and delivering solutions for directional and motivational data visualization.

I believe in authentic discussion, blunt opinions, and clear expectations.

I'm a freelancer at Skeptycal, where I support businesses and non-profits with data visualization in areas of vision and mission surrounding their business and brand. We work together to answer questions such as

  • What is the purpose of our organization?
  • What behaviors and habits are acceptable at our company?
  • What would be our most important activity if money did not exist?
  • Who are we competing with? (And should we be competing at all?)
  • What is my most creative time of day? Am I using that time effectively?
  • What are our actionable goals?
  • What does our brand mean to our customers?
  • What is the value we bring to our customers?
  • Are employees respected and motivated?
  • Which employees have talents that are underutilized?
  • What consequences could there be if we avoid risk management?
  • What long term strategies keep us in the market doing what we love?
  • What are the sentiments and new ideas in nearby industries?
  • Am I solving the problem that is most important?
  • Are there more efficient ways to do things?
  • What are the opportunities costs of our decisions?
  • Is this endeavor profitable enough?
  • Do I have someone I trust to tell me when I'm being stupid?

While data cannot answer all parts of these questions, they inform or give direction to each and every one. The questions that seem the most difficult to answer are the ones that benefit most from data clarity.

Previously, I was a senior chemistry educator and mentor. I have designed educational software, trained groups of teachers, and coached teams in discovering their goals and finding pathways to reach them. I have used a wide range of data sets to inform and optimize the student experiences that I was designing.

I led teams in award winning competitions, conferences, and fundraising activities. I was chosen as a representative to leadership and curriculum design committees. I designed a district wide science competition and planned an annual STEM expo open to 7 high schools and attracting thousands of competitors. I formed local outreach groups to pipeline STEM students and negotiated with industry contacts at large aerospace companies (e.g Lockheed-Martin, Nasa JPL) to obtain funds and other program assistance.

I have worked for the last 3 years designing and building tools, scalable data stream analysis, AI-driven sentiment analysis, and streamlining the process of data management and analysis in order to bring clarity for my clients about important 'big picture' issues.

I love to write and contribute to open source software, and I author a range of articles and blog posts on AI, technology, science, psychology, education, and the creativity that connects them all.

You can most easily find me on Twitter